Connecticut ARES - Region 3 DEC: Phil Crombie, Jr., K1XFC Asst DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ
Connecticut ARES - Region 3     DEC: Phil Crombie, Jr.,  K1XFC     Asst DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ

Where to Find Us:

CT ARES Section 3 DEC
(District Emergency Coordinator)

Phil Crombie, Jr. K1XFC

860-687-7449 (Days - Work)

860-644-0618 (Evenings - Home)

860-338-6332 (Cell)


The DEC's schedule:


Monthly - 2nd Wednesday - BEARS of Manchester Club Meeting - Manchester EOC/Virtual


Monthly - 3rd Thursday - PVRA Club Meeting - Marcus Communictaions


Sundays - 2200 Hours  Local - Statewide ARES Net - 147.345 (KB1AEV Repater System


Sundays - 2230 Hours Local  - Statewide ARES DMR Net - CT DMR Network


Mondays - 2000 Hours Local - Region 3 ARES Net - 147.345 (KB1AEV Repeater System)


Daily - 1700 Hours Local - CPN Traffic Net - 3.973 MHz


Daily - 2230 Hours Local - WESCON Traffic Net - 145.410 (PVRA Repater System)

The ICS 205 form posted here was copied from the previous region 3 website.  It contains all the preplanned repeaters and simplex frequencies that we have permission to use in an emergency and which may be included in the Region 3 Operations Plan.


If there is an emergency before the form is posted, Region 3 will hold a region net on the following repeaters, in priority order:


Primary - W1EDH in Glastonbury

Secondary - KB1AEV linked repeater system -- but defer to statewide nets which take precedence


If the state ARES is at any alert level other than zero, you can reach ARES leadership on the CT-ARES DMR network using talkgroup CT ARES STATEWIDE.



Region 3 ICS 205 Frequency chart
These are the frequencies likely to be used during an ARES activation or public service event in Region 3 (revised PL tones for the KB1AEV linked systems)
Region 3 ARES - ICS 205 - Comm[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [121.4 KB]

NOTE: DO NOT USE SIMPLEX FREQUENCY GOLF 146.505.  This has been assigned to a repeater of the Shore Point Amateur Radio club.

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