Connecticut ARES - Region 3 DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ
Connecticut ARES - Region 3     DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ

Where to Find Us:

CT ARES Section 3 DEC
(District Emergency Coordinator)

Bill Storey, AB1LZ


ICS 205 Radio Communications Plan

The ICS 205 form posted here is the current version (June 2023).


During an emergency tune to the primary frequency for activation instructions 


If the state ARES is at any alert level other than zero, you can reach ARES leadership on the CT-ARES DMR network using talkgroup CT ARES STATEWIDE.



Region 3 - ICS 205 - June 2023
Region 3 ARES - ICS 205 - June 2023 .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [516.2 KB]

NOTE: DO NOT USE SIMPLEX FREQUENCY GOLF 146.505.  This has been assigned to a repeater of the Shore Point Amateur Radio club.

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