Connecticut ARES - Region 3 DEC: George Lillenstein, AB1GL Asst DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ
Connecticut ARES - Region 3     DEC: George Lillenstein, AB1GL     Asst DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ

Where to Find Us:

CT ARES Section 3 DEC
(District Emergency Coordinator)

George Lillenstein, AB1GL
39a Downey Dr
Manchester, CT 06040

Phone: +1 860 289-1445 (H)

                 860 716-3367 (Cell)

                 860 645-5449 (Work) (leave voicemail here only)



The DEC's schedule:


1st Mon each month - NARL club meeting, Newington Sr Center (2nd Mon in January)

1st Wed each month - Emcomm elmer session, Manchester EOC

2nd Wed each month - BEARS meeting, Manchester EOC 7 pm

3rd Wed each month - PVRA meeting, Marcus Communications, Manchester CT

4th Mon each month - CTARES Region 3 DMR net on TAC3

4th Wed - Manchester CERT briefing

AB1GL Nets:

Sundays 8 pm - the CT ARES SM net

Mondays 8 pm - the ARES Reg 3 net

Mondays 9:15 pm - the BEARS traffic net

Tuesdays - 7 pm - Manchester CERT net

Wednesdays 9:30 pm - Nutmeg Traffic Net


Sept 21 - Cystic Fibrosis Ride for Life, Middletown. See K1CMM to volunteer

Oct 7 - NARL monthly meeting, Sr. Center, Newington

Oct 10-19 AB1GL out of state vacation

Oct 12 - Hartford Marathon, see AB1LZ to volunteer

Oct 13 - Nutmeg Hamfest, Wallingford

Oct 18-20 - Boy Scouts JOTA, contact WA1SFH for info

Oct 23 - Injects for ARES SET begin

Oct 26 - AREA SET (Simulated Emergency Test) on VHF FM, VHF Winlink, Packet, and HF FLDIGI



EOP (Emergency Operations Plan)

The CT ARES Region 3 Emergency Operations Plan is being rewritten. Again.



For now, please follow these instructions (Revised 3/19/2015):

  • When you hear of an emergency or pending severe weather, check the following for a change in the ARES Alert level:
    • For those with DMR radios, check the CT ARES STATEWIDE talk group.
    • The state ARES web site,
    • The state ARES discussion list
    • The email address you listed in the ARES member database
    • You may also be alerted by phone
    • A resource net may be started on your town's local ARES net or on a regional repeater listed in the ICS-205 for region 3
  • If the ARES alert level changes from zero, contact your local ARES EC and follow instructions
    • You may be asked to check into a local ARES net.
    • You may be asked to act as net control
    • You may be asked to act as liaison between your local net and another
  •  Check into regional ARES nets on repeaters listed on the ICS-205 for the region, but LISTEN CAREFULLY!  Only respond if you are in the category they are looking for.
  • If you have Skywarn training and proper measuring instruments and severe weather is forecast, check into Skywarn weather nets for your area
  • ARES OPERATORS DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY to served agencies.  If your town or a state agency, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or a public health facility need amateur radio operators, they will contact state or region level ARES officials, who will pass on the requests to the EC's for assignment.
  • If you respond to an agency request through another channel as a result of a prior commitment such as a RACES or CERT team, please let your ARES EC know about that potential conflict for that event.

The final EOP will contain additional information regarding use of the CT ARES DMR network, HF, packet, NTS, and other digital modes to communicate during emergencies. For now, contact your EC if these methods are needed.

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