Connecticut ARES - Region 3 DEC: George Lillenstein, AB1GL Asst DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ Connecticut ARES - Region 3     DEC: George Lillenstein, AB1GL     Asst DEC: Bill Storey, AB1LZ

Where to Find Us:

CT ARES Section 3 DEC
(District Emergency Coordinator)

George Lillenstein, AB1GL
39a Downey Dr
Manchester, CT 06040

Phone: +1 860 289-1445 (H)

                 860 716-3367 (Cell)

                 860 645-5449 (Work) (leave voicemail here only)


The DEC's schedule:

  • Oct 5 - Sun. - Calhoun Cancer Challenge Ride starting in Winding Trails, Farmington.  Support by ARES volunteers. with help from ICRC Email to volunteer  We still need hams, non hams for phone bank, SAG vehicles and motorcycles - please email TODAY!!
  • Oct 7-Dec 2 - AB1GL to teach ham Tech class for NARL at Newington Senior Center, Tuesdays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Email for details or to sign up.
  • Oct 11 - Sat. - Hartford Marathon - amateur radio comms. Contact AB1LZ to volunteer.
  • Oct 12 - Sun - Nutmeg Hamfest in Meriden


About A R E S

ARES is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, the field arm of the American Radio Relay League. 

  • General volunteers for ARES do not have to be ARRL members, but must be FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators. 
  • ARES Leadership must be ARRL members and are appointed by the ARRL Section Manager.


Our special focus is the use of Amateur Radio for emergency communications, and the recruiting and training of a pool of skilled radio operators to be available in times of emergency.


ARES in Connecticut supports requests for auxiliary communications from state and municipal governments, public health entities, and non-profit providers such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army.  


Most agencies that receive federal funds of any kind are required to be compliant with NIMS, the National Incident Management System.  This framework requires that everyone on scene be certified in use of ICS, the Incident Command structure.  If you wish to be assigned a role with one of ARES' served agencies, you must provide proof that you have passed the required training courses.  These courses are provided free by the US government over the internet.  For hams who do not wish to take these courses, ARES can assign you to work from your home or mobile unit during an emergency.


For a  detailed list of training available, see the training page of the state ARES web site, CTARES.ORG.


IMPORTANT!  Whenever there is an ARES activation, leadership will notify and assign tasks ONLY to those who have current records in the ARES member database.  Go to and update your record now!


Net Controls Needed - Please volunteer

Please volunteer to act as Net Control for the Monday night ARES net at 8 pm on KB1AEV.

The more Net Controls, the less often we all need to serve.  And being Net Control is excellent practice for emergency communications, when you will often be challenged to accurately hear strange and unfamiliar call signs and terms.

To volunteer, contact W1RWC Richard Claing, net manager or send email to

More Public Service opportunities

Stuff the DEC can't get to but maybe Region 3 ARES members might enjoy:

Boyscout JOA OCTOBER 18 - ARES Region 2 DEC Doug S is looking for help at this event, please volunteer if you can.


The Boy Scouts “Jamboree On The Air” (JOTA) Starts in 28 DAYS!

With 20 Positions to fill, WE NEED YOUR HELP

What:    JOTA 2014  - “Disaster in East Scoutopia”… The Day After.

Date:     October 18, 2014

Place:     BSA Camp Pomperaug, Union, CT (I-84 East, Exit 74)

               Located in beautiful “Region 4 North”

Hours:    8:00 am – 5:30 pm  

Set Up:  Fri:  1 pm - 8 pm (Camping Available – Your Tent or a Bunk)

               Sat:  6 am – 7:30 am



Scouts wake up on Saturday, Oct. 18th to discover that the track ofHurricane OMEGA (Category 2-3) changed course overnight. Connecticut is devastated, and East Scoutopia (Camp Pomperaug) is effectively isolated from the rest of the world.

Roads are impassible and all modern amenities/conveniences have failed: Electrical Power, Telephones (Landline, Fax, Cellular, VOIP), Cable Service, Flush Toilets, Running Water, and worst of all…. NO INTERNET access.

This realization requires scouts to respond to the conditions they now face, and apply their Scouting Knowledge in order to help themselves and others survive until help arrives.


This is going to be a Fall Camporee that will be talked about for years, andYOU can play a big role in making it happen!


300 Boy Scouts  are coming to a weekend event centered around the annual BSA Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) 2014.
This takes place over the weekend of October 1718, 19.  The BIG DAY isSATURDAYOct. 18.


Good News
Unlike other weekend Camporees I have seen, every scout coming here isscheduled to participate in ALL 4 JOTA specific events.



In addition to the 4 JOTA Specific Activity Stations (below), the Boy Scouts will be working on skills in:

Shelter Building, First Aid, Finger Printing, Potable Water, Damage Survey/Map Reading, and Work Crew (Camp Service Projects).


4 JOTA Specific Activity Stations
-  Building 30’ Masts

-  Building Single Band Inverted “V” Dipole Antennas.

-  GOTA: Making Contacts and Having a Conversation “On-The-Air”.

-  Using Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF)/ “Fox Hunting” to find “The Lost Patrol”.


6 JOTA Volunteer Categories

- Everyone brings a dual-band HT

1)  GOTA Stations (Call Sign: K2BSA/1– NEED 5 MORE HF STATIONS and OPERATORS

Bring Your HF Portable Station, Set-up, and have groups of 5 scouts “Get On The Air”(GOTA) each hour.

      -  8 Stations (voice):  75m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 6m, 144, 440

      -  Bonus Points (if able):  Data/Digital Com. Stations (D-STAR, PSK 31, RMS Express)

      -  Additional Bonus: The Region 4 Mobil Communications Unit (MCU) will be on site and on display.


2)   Mast Building –Need 2

       - Supervise the erection and guying of 30’ masts that scouts build from trees and rope.


3)   Antenna Building – Need 2

       - Inspect Antenna construction, installation, and Test for Resonant Frequency with an Antenna Analyzer.


4)   Search and Rescue (SAR)  for “The Lost Patrol” – Need 2

     - Instruct Boy Scouts in the proper Technique and Art of ARDF (AKA) “Fox Hunting”.


5)   Auxiliary Staff – Need 6

      -  To augment assigned primary operators and at JOTA-GOTA stations and help Scout Staff with Antenna Building and ARDF activities.

6)   JOTA Event Photographer – Need 1more

     - To “focus” on  JOTA specific events and make a photographic record of this Fall Camporee.

PS: Also need “LOANER” equipment for the weekend.

Example:  HF Band Pass Filters, APRS Trackers, Etc.


Are you ready to share the excitement of Amateur Radio with youngsters that can “spark” an interest that lasts a lifetime?

Great!  Please contact me now, and let me know:

- How you can help AND what you want to do.


Douglas Sharafanowich (WA1SFH):

[Cell] 203-494-3885

thank you, and the 300 Boy Scouts, who will be coming, thank you as well.

General JOTA information for Amateur Radio Operators (Frequencies, etc.)


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